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  • Jun082022

    Tectonic Shift: the complicated relationship between Financial Services and Technology

    COVID-19 saw the financial system playing a key role as an economic shock absorber.

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  • Mar082022

    Patrick Morgan Celebrates International Women’s Day 2022

    This International Women’s Day, we celebrate the hard work and dedication that the women of Patrick Morgan consistently bring to the team.

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  • Nov012021

    The Gender Wage Gap in the UK: Exploring the Latest Data

    Through all stages of the pandemic so far, we’ve seen the impact of COVID-19 on the UK workforce, and particularly on women.

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  • Oct202021

    Heads in the Cloud: M&A for the Software Economy

    For so many people during the pandemic, one thing became more important than ever before: technology.

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  • Sep032021

    Exploring the data: COVID-19 and educational disparity

    Differences in state school and independent school pupil attainment were evident pre-COVID-19. However, recent GCSE and A-level results show that the pandemic has only widened these disparities.

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  • Apr072021

    Don’t Look Away

    I dive into Carillion, Deloitte’s Restructuring practice, and the ever-changing UK consulting market.

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  • Feb042021

    The Road to 9%: How the Consulting Industry Is Recovering

    Talk of cautious optimism has been prominent in recent press and, as we at Patrick Morgan have observed, there is plenty of cause for such an attitude in the consulting industry…

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