Founded to eliminate the youth unemployment gap, the Patrick Morgan Foundation is a charity that provides careers-based learning and real-world working opportunities for disadvantaged students. We have set out to give all young people the opportunity to fulfil their potential, irrespective of their socio-economic background.

Charity No. 1188297

What We Provide

PMF Digital Academy

Our free digital platform offers a wealth of education tools for students to learn about CV writing, interview skills, entrepreneurship, and get an introduction to a wide-ranging variety of potential careers.

Our videos and presentations use simple, clear, and informative language and provide real-life examples. This makes the content easily digestible and relatable to students, while the assessments in each section challenge them and encourage consistent practice.

Career Talks

Assemblies on many different topics, such as aspiration and resilience, are a great way of reaching out to a large number of secondary school students whom we look to encourage to take stock of their motivations and career goals at this pivotal time in their lives.

We also organise interviews and Q&As with professionals from our network to put faces to the fields students could enter after education, thus humanising the process.

CV Building

During our in-person CV Building sessions, we outline the importance and process of creating a functional CV. We outline the fundamentals of a CV and offer advice on how to add value to one so as to improve appeal to potential employers.

We have constructed a session that will support young people in tackling a CV, many for the first time in their journey so far. This workshop will ensure that students feel confident in their approach to building an effective and comprehensive profile, highlighting their strengths and emphasise their successes.

Job Search & Interview Skills

After building a profile, the process of starting a career is complex, and we aim to address that head-on. In this workshop, we highlight ways to begin research into potential careers, how to network, what the protocol for interview preparation looks like, and what a successful interview performance looks like, among others.

By the end of this session, students will be well-versed in what it takes to maintain the interest of their dream employer and land their desired role.

Life Skills

This session builds on the soft skills we aim to instill in young people and which are not currently covered in the national curriculum or, indeed, in most career resources: everything from planning to financial skills, from finding an idea for a new business to wellness and coping with stress.

At this stage in young people’s lives, these aspects of their wellbeing are essential to starting productive and satisfying careers.

Our Patron

Carmel McConnell MBE

Founder of Magic Breakfast

“We’re very aware [at Magic Breakfast] of the problem of children who are vulnerable, who come from low-income families, who are in education, and need support; and that’s why I’m incredibly excited by the work that’s being done by the Patrick Morgan Foundation – those young people are not only vulnerable in material terms, but also in terms of their aspiration, and more needs to be done to make these young people feel that a world of success is theirs to reach.”

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