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Here at Patrick Morgan we work with clients to identify, evaluate, and headhunt talent. Our objective is to connect business leaders with the best firms in the market so that they can achieve exceptional results together. The quality of our service is intrinsically linked to a level of specialisation, which is unlike many firms with a broader range of services. Through years of international experience, we recognise the need for a tailored project approach for each client and assignment.

Our consultants ensure clients have a dynamic selection of candidates to choose from, and in many cases build their search parameters with diversity & inclusion at the centre of their efforts. Through client collaboration and exceptional functional and sector expertise, we guide firms towards hires that will make a large impact on their business.

Our tailored Executive Search process includes:


Definition of objectives and requirements

This covers the vital process of absorbing the client brief, understanding the business, speaking with relevant client executives, defining the responsibilities of the job and the key issues, agreeing on the ideal candidate specification, developing documentation, and agreeing on the search strategy.


Mapping and identification of candidates

We will create ‘market maps’ identifying all relevant individuals within the pre-agreed target companies list, as well as their alumni who have recently moved into the industry. The identification process is only complete when we have found several relevant individuals who can be compared against one another.


Interviews and candidate evaluation

The “long list” candidates are evaluated during interviews with someone from our leadership team. These interviews will be conducted over the phone, Video Conferencing or face-to-face. Strengths and weaknesses are assessed, accomplishments probed, and credentials compared with the agreed specification.


Selection and completion

Patrick Morgan orchestrates the arrangements for client/candidate meetings and assists in the final selection. We offer active management of the often-complex process from offer through to the acceptance by the successful candidate. During the candidate’s transition and probationary period, we have regular communication with both parties to ensure a smooth integration.


Diversity & Inclusion hiring

A key part of the work we do at Patrick Morgan is not only to assist in hiring diverse talent, but also to promote diversity & inclusion within our business. We have infused these practices into the Patrick Morgan Foundation which aims to provide equal opportunities in the interest of multi-faceted diversity: gender, ethnicity, socio-economic background and sexual orientation.

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