Executive Search

Working closely with key stakeholders, we support our clients with their most senior hires, using a tailored approach for every partner.

Our Associates work closely with both sides of the table, clients and candidates alike, to create a smooth process for all parties. Leveraging data we have accumulated since the inception of the firm, we create powerful insights to streamline and accelerate each search.

Diversity and Inclusion is our utmost priority.

Analysing our data has shown us the effects of under-representation for some people in our industry, and we have set off on a mission to change that—our clients enjoy the benefits of a team from varied backgrounds, who all understand the need for more diverse hiring at every level, driving Patrick Morgan in our aim for more meaningful hires.

Our tailored Executive Search process includes:


The Brief

Alongside our client, we define the search strategy and agree on the ideal candidate specification. This way, our team gets a deep understanding of the brief, and the client is assured that their requirements will be prioritised throughout the process.


Market Maps

With a strong grasp on the mandate and market context, we create maps and candidate longlists. This provides our client with a bird’s eye view of the market, as well as vital insights on the scope of the search.


The Interview Process

We then get to know the most relevant candidates from our maps, keeping the client’s requirements in mind—we make sure to identify both a professional and cultural fit, assessing the candidate’s ambitions and ethos against the client’s.

Next, we manage the interview process, supporting both parties.


The Offer Stage

We support both our client and candidates in making the right decision—we assist in negotiations, ensure a smooth integration, and maintain a close relationship with all parties. As such, we stay in tune with the market and act as long-term advisors to our clients.


Data and Analytics

Throughout the process, we rely on software platforms such as STATA and PowerBI to produce insights that drive our strategy. In analysing current hiring trends and forecasting future ones, we ensure that our search process produces the most accurate and valuable results.


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