Our data-driven research product, in support of our Search or Acquisition Advisory services, or as a standalone service. Drawing from original data, we craft extensive reports on market trends, leadership structures at large corporates and professional services firms, forensic referencing for candidates, hiring and salary benchmarks, and any other intelligence, tailored to each of our clients.

We can provide you with the following PM Insight services:

Market Intelligence

By analysing large amounts of data, we can pinpoint trends across sectors and functions, such as ideal target firms, compensation benchmarks at the Partner level, and industry-wide hiring strategies.

This helps our clients to position themselves as exceptional employers and attract senior talent into their high-priority teams.

Forensic Referencing

Though an effective way of assessing a potential candidate, an interview process alone is limited in how it can evaluate certain facets of a career—leadership style, relationship building, market positioning, and commercial ability to name a few. Through conversations with named referees and other connections from our network, we aim to paint a holistic picture of the candidate.

Organisational Strategy

Our expertise also qualifies us to review a client’s internal structures, as well as their boards and growth strategies. Drawing from data on how to best scale up, expand into new markets, and plan leadership succession, we offer our clients actionable advice on their long-term planning in any given market.


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Executive Search

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