Thought Leadership

  • Nov272020

    Digital Growth Update in Education Technology

    Over the summer months, we have been hard at work creating a digital platform that can help young people from disadvantaged backgrounds with their careers education.

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  • Jul162020

    On Human Capital

    Do you remember the last slow news day we had? In the past four months, every 24 hours have produced at least one development worth paying attention to…

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  • May132020

    A Guide to Our Online Workshop Content

    On Friday 20th March, schools across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland closed in a bid to help reduce COVID-19’s rate of infection.

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  • Apr092020

    School closures are hitting the most vulnerable children hardest

    Since the coronavirus crisis hit home, and schools were forced to close, watching developments in the education sector has been…

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  • Mar202020

    Whatever It Takes

    Few people could have imagined, though we probably should have, how far this would go. It began with a few…

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  • Feb212020

    Six Months On… the Patrick Morgan Foundation

    Starting the Patrick Morgan Foundation in the summer of last year, we were well-intentioned and ready to give back to…

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  • Nov222019

    A Valuable Amount of Good

    Not to make a numbers’ game out of it, since none of us have the mental energy to deal with…

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  • Aug102019

    Corporations Are Not People, My Friend

    Infamously, on his campaign trail, then candidate for US President Mitt Romney said, on a soapbox in Iowa: ‘Corporations are…

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  • Apr152019

    Do You Stand To Gain?

      Value creation for clients is a priority for executive search firms, and specifically Patrick Morgan – our niche focus…

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  • Jan042019

    Insights Into Patrick Morgan

    Patrick Morgan is a boutique Executive Search firm, based in London. We specialise exclusively in Transaction and Acquisition Consultancy. This…

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