Working alongside international corporates and Professional Services clients, we aim to deliver meaningful hires within Strategy, Transformation, Advisory, and Digital roles. Our cross-functional expertise ensures that we serve every facet of our clients’ structures, capitalising on a deep understanding of a variety of high-priority sectors.

Financial Services

Consumer-centric innovation and digitisation have shifted the Financial Services market significantly over the past few years, meaning there has been an urgent need for sector specialists with a deep understanding of technology. Our EMEA-wide network of Banking, Payments, FinTech, and Insurance professionals provides Patrick Morgan with powerful insights on where the financial industry goes from here, and who is in a position to drive change from the front.

Industrial Products and Services

A legacy sector long overdue for digital innovation, Industrial Products clients are discovering new ways of doing business. They are acutely aware of the need for change in their operations across the entire value chain, and they are relying on long-standing advisory professionals to drive their transformation across the most specialised industries, including advanced manufacturing, and chemicals.

Energy and Sustainability

Climate change has driven the need for a sustainability-focused discussion around Energy and Utilities, as the sector adapts to consumer demands. Renewable energy, and how to get ahead of the narrative in the coming years, has been at the forefront of our clients’ activities in this space as strategy professionals draw up more equally sustainable and effective business models.

Private Equity

Despite the profound economic instability of the past two years, M&A activity has surged to record-breaking levels, largely due to consistent Private Equity-driven value creation. As such, we continue to facilitate significant strategic moves into investment funds, particularly as a need has arisen for a novel, specialised digitally focused Operating Partner. Our PE partners entrust us with finding exceptional talent in this space, with deep expertise in deal strategy and execution.

Healthcare and Life Sciences

In an age of COVID-induced disruption, Healthcare and Life Sciences businesses are both stabilising and implementing more agile and customer-centric ways of working, which will enable them to anticipate future crises. The Strategy and Transformation professionals we have placed in this sector ensure that private and public players in this industry tackle contemporary transformational challenges head-on.

Software, Technology, and Telcommunications

Technology—and particularly software—conglomerates have sustained the world through the transition into flexible, mostly remote work, and will continue to do so, even as we recover from the pandemic. They have enabled every other priority sector to innovate, and so TMT has become an inextricable part of daily life. We benefit from a global network of professionals who understand digital issues, new opportunities for telcos to diversify, and strategies for new-generation technology to capitalise on its ubiquity.

Professional Services

The rise of the specialised professional services boutique has driven the biggest players in each market to innovation—implementing better D&I strategies, diversifying their offerings, and integrating their services into a comprehensive proposition for their clients. We support our clients in this sector through this transition, pointing them to high-calibre candidates and advising them on how to stay ahead of future trends.

Retail and Consumer

The pandemic has accelerated a digital revolution that was already underway within Retail, Consumer, and FMCG, as traditional ways of working yield to quicker, more accessible transactions, performed mostly online. The consultants and internal strategists we place have a detailed understanding of this environment, where data is an essential component in forecasting consumer behaviour.

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