Building where we belong: the story behind our new Hackney Wick office space

Building where we belong: the story behind our new Hackney Wick office space
10 October 2023 Patrick Morgan
In Journal

This year, we took a huge leap and acquired our very own office space in Hackney Wick. It was a bold move that brought excitement to our entire team. To bring our vision to life, we partnered with Soul Spaces for the design and build of our new office space. In their own words, here’s the story of how they helped us create a workspace to truly reflect who we are.

Soul Spaces was created from a desire to transform the conventional workspace journey into something more fun and exciting. We’re all about infusing passion and soul into every project, so when we had the opportunity to collaborate with Patrick Morgan, we knew it would make for a great experience.

Our journey with Patrick Morgan began when we were introduced to Founder and Managing Partner James through a mutual connection. At that point, James had already explored options for Patrick Morgan’s design and build project. Yet, when we sat down together, we instantly connected, sharing our stories and realising our journeys were very similar. We understood the value of hard work, starting from the ground up and putting our hearts into our endeavours.

Despite being a bit late to the party, James chose us for this project because he recognised our shared values of passion and purpose. He also appreciated that working with a smaller, passionate business like ours would ensure the TLC and attention to detail he desired.

This project was a significant investment and a bold move for Patrick Morgan. They acquired a shell and core space, which meant starting from scratch with no existing services. There were infrastructure restrictions to contend with, drainage issues to address and the challenge of devising the optimal functional space plan. We focused on creating the perfect ceiling setup to accommodate lighting and air conditioning. Height and depth were key considerations to make the space feel more open and energising.

James had a vision for the workplace – a place that was not only focused but also fun. The inclusion of a bar area became the heart of the office, where all social activities would take place. The space also needed to be future-proofed, ready to accommodate a team of 10 with ambitions for expansion.

One of the unique aspects of this project was the blend of corporate headhunting with the Hackney Wick vibe. It was about striking a balance, creating a space that didn’t feel out of place but also wasn’t too formal. Some walls were left bare and we integrated artworks from the local community to infuse an industrial feel and connect the space with the surrounding area.

Throughout this journey, the guys from Patrick Morgan became more than just clients. Site meetings felt like catching up with old friends and the project was a fusion of shared purpose and passion.

This project represented a significant step for Patrick Morgan, transitioning from a WeWork space to their very own, fully customised workplace. It was a thrilling venture, and we’re delighted to have been a part of it. Together, we turned their vision into a reality and the success of the project is a testament to the power of shared values and the remarkable journey that can unfold when like-minded teams collaborate.



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