FE News: The hypocrisy of the UK youth labour market

FE News: The hypocrisy of the UK youth labour market
30 June 2021 Louis Peace
In Journal

Patrick Morgan Founder, James O’Dowd, and one of our Trustees, Louis Peace,  have collaborated on an extensive article that tackles the difficulty young people face as the UK recovers: not only in obtaining certain roles, but also in accruing the experience necessary for those roles.

Though the economy trends upward, young people aged 16-24 continue to suffer due to an education system that cannot progress as fast as entry-level job requirements do. Through interactions with school leavers and teachers all through the pandemic, we got to know one facet of this issue well: the digital divide has garnered more discussion, but continues to impede progress in youth employment.

Our article in FE News explores the issue at length, subsequently formulating solutions – sustainable change is possible if we establish more equitable hiring strategies and innovate the syllabus in tandem, ensuring that young people transition smoothly from mandatory education to the working world. To read the piece in full, click here!

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